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Internet Marketing

With the vast number of businesses on the Internet, it is no longer sufficient to simply create a website and
submit it to the search engines, without first optimizing the site. Knowing how to get the top search engine
positions and which keywords to target is the difference between success and failure. Your website will lose
out on the bulk of potential visitors and customers if it does not appear in the top search engine results.

Few businesses understand the technical aspects of internet marketing.

Companies need to have some understanding of internet marketing methods in-house, so that they can understand why things need to be done. Businesses can then make the decision to either do everything in-house, or manage the process and outsource the technical side to a good search engine optimization firm.

Search engine optimization firms are good technicians, but they don’t necessarily understand how to portray your business online. They will do what they are told to do, or they will tend to do a very good job of just certain aspects of search
engine optimization.

However, you know your businesses best and that’s why it’s important for you to understand what you can and can not do, or should or should not do, from an internet marketing perspective.

Common Sense System can introduce you to the fundamentals of internet marketing and give you a broad understanding of how to implement them.

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of optimizing a website to make it search
engine friendly and rank well for your chosen keywords.

The basic steps in SEO are:

¨ Keyword research
¨ Developing content
¨ Search engine submission
¨ Reporting and revision

The Internet is growing at an exceptionally fast and exponential rate. With hundreds of millions of web pages on the Internet today it is very easy for your site to get lost amongst the incredible amounts of information available.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords, also known as search terms, are the words or phrases that people enter into search engines to find websites about or related to that term. To attract more visitors to your page, you need to know which keywords people are using to find similar websites, and optimize your website for these keywords. If a key search phrase is not in at least one of your pages,
the search engine will not rank your page highly for that phrase, therefore you are missing out on all the potential traffic the search phrase generates.

The key to success on the Net for the small business owner is to master an in-demand niche. With a niche-focused business, your competition will be lower and it will be easier for targeted, interested visitors to find your Web site.

And “visitors” equals “traffic”… the lifeblood of any business.

In the offline world, traffic is relatively easy to achieve – it’s all about “location, location, location.”

For example, an attractive, nicely merchandised store in a mall or on a busy shopping street usually means instant traffic -- and sales, of course!

However, in the online world, no one just happens to walk past, see your product or service and enter. Surfers on the Net are not looking for you or your business. People search for information, for solutions. After all, if they knew you existed, they would
not be searching. They would already be customers.

Online, you must generate your own traffic to be successful. Your primary task -- well before you make your first sale or contract to a customer (often well before that person is even aware that s/he is shopping!) -- is to provide the information (i.e., high value content) that people are searching for, in a way that the Search Engines like.


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