Here at Common Sense System we value the relationships with each and every one of our clients. Don't take our word for it, read for yourself.


Take a look at a few samples of our work in Our Portfolio:


Advertising Flyer:

Goddess Athlete Advertising Flyer


Book Cover & Layout:

The R.A.D. Triad

Before After


Losing Amber-Lee

E-Book Cover & Layout:

Adwords Checkmate Matrix

Branding - Rebranding:



This brand was clearly inconsistant, except perhaps the subject of dogs.

The CD's that were shipped with this manual, had yet another design that did not match any of the above.

This presentation was that of an amatuer, leaving the customer skeptical of the contents.



Remember: Your brand is your first impression, its hard to overcome a negative one.

CSS can help you to create a brand that you will be proud to display.

A brand that will convey the true professionalism that you and your company represent.



Newport Beach & Golf


Flash Banners & Presentations:

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Web Banners:









Goddess Athlete Before Goddess Athlete After

As a Personal Trainer, Chrissy needed a site that was appealing to both, those wanting to lose a "couple pounds" and the professional body builder preparing for competition.


After Common Sense, see image to the right.

Adorn Styling Before Adorn Styling After


This local beauty salon had been taken hostage by an "expert" webdesigner. The entire site, (the home page was the entire site!) was black and white, except the bubble gum pink border around a random image.


This leaves the visitor wondering many things.

Are these women lost in the fifties?

Those are chairs are nice, but do they have my specific hair care products?

Can I afford to have my hair cut here?


Common Sense tells us that we desperately needed a makeover and quick!

Adorn Styling Salon



Sunny Hitlslink
Barack 2.0




BReakthrough Online Profits




Jana's Watering Hole




Debbie Matthews For Senate - Tennessee




Sea Tow




Sarasota Smile Center




Connect with David Bullock Online

Save Your Ads - Sunny HIll
Accountable Americans
PharmREP Connect

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