Social networking and social media do have some overlap, but they really aren't the same thing. Knowing that they're two separate marketing concepts can make a difference in how you position your business going forward.

Social Networks

Social media is a way to transmit, or share information with a broad audience. Everyone has the opportunity to create and distribute. All you really need is an internet connection and you're off to the races.


On the other hand, social networking is an act of engagement. Groups of people with common interests, or like-minds, associate together on social networking sites and build relationships through community.


With social networking, communication is two-way. Depending on the topic, subject matter or atmosphere, people congregate to join others with similar experiences and backgrounds. Conversations are at the core of social networking and through them relationships are developed.


Social networking software development and customization

Social networking is a famous Web 2.0 phenomenon; such social networking sites as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are growing every day and connect millions of users.


CSS's social networking development services vary from consumer applications to complicated enterprise collaborative tools and include online social networks development, integration and customization of open source social networking platforms.

Social networking solutions we offer:
Open source social networking
CMS customization:
  • WordPress customization
  • Educational social websites
  • Wiki/Article social networks
  • Customized forums and blogs
  • E-commerce social networking sites
  • Photo Sharing and dating solutions
  • Business networks and startups
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace integration into client’s website
  • Social networking web design
  • Mobile social networking solutions
  • Drupal with Vote up/down module
  • Pliqq
  • Newscloud
  • Dolphin
  • Lovd by Less
  • PHPizabi
  • GetBoo
  • Elqq
  • AroundMe
  • Scuttle