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Usability Testing

We are pleased to offer you our unique service of evaluating the Usability of your site. Practice-proven methodology and our team of qualified designers, marketing managers, and leading specialists in advertising and online commerce will analyze your website and submit to you the objective results of our study along with concrete suggestions about how to improve the site.


Our analysis includes an assessment of the visual appearance of the site. Using our service can enhance your site’s commercial potential and help it attract a larger audience via search engines. Depending on the analysis results, we can then help you to redesign and optimize your site in order to make it highly competitive.



Usability Testing Packages

Web Site Critique
Web Site Deep Report
Estimated time to complete
2 days
5 days
Navigation structure and logic
Commercial potential
Promotion via General Search Engines
Online Community potential
Design improvements
Structure optimization
Online Sales improvements
Online promotion
Content enhancement
Online Community foundation
Written Report
Written & Video Report



Web Business Audit
Investment: $497    Format: Text / Private Consulting Call
- Estimated completion time 10 days
You'll get a 82-point assessment of your web business process, reviewed together in a 30-minute followup call to discuss your concerns and isolate solutions. You'll receive a complete actionable overview with steps to handle your situation.


For this modest investment, you can can create a significant increase to your top and bottom line.