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Web Design

A company website is the source of up-to-date information for customers and partners, a platform for selling products and services, a perfect place for advertising and promotion. As a web development company, Common Sense System has capacities and experience enough to create, launch and support a website of any complexity and scalability. We offer our customers a full circle of website development processes. Our web developers stay updated with newest web development technologies constantly advancing in knowledge and technique.

Website Design

Website design includes conceptualization, planning, modeling, and execution of the content i.e. textual and visual information you want to be presented in the Internet. We will take of the website usability (interface and navigation), appearance (graphics and style) and visibility (search engines optimization and media advertising).

PHP Programming

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for creating dynamic and interactive websites. Much of its syntax is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific features thrown in. Our PHP developers can write dynamically generated web pages quickly and efficiently.

Flex Application Development

Flex technology is a comparatively new web technology but it has already gained its popularity due to its friendliness both for a user and a developer. Flex is based on Macromedia Flash software. It enables enterprises to create personalized, multimedia-rich applications that noticeably enhance user experience of interacting with Internet.

Dot Net Nuke Website Development

DotNetNuke technology makes website development fast and easy. DNN is an open-source web application framework built on a Microsoft ASP.NET (VB.NET) platform. Numerous pre-installed Dot Net Nuke modules allow creating an interesting, original and dynamic website absolutely and significantly reduce the project cost.

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Website Design Overview

CSS can create attractive and informative websites for your company. A top-quality website is an indispensable factor in obtaining new clients and promoting your company’s long-term success.


Unfortunately there are too many varibles included in web design to provide pricing without assessment.


Logo Design Overview

A logo is an important element of your company’s identity on the Web. It helps to introduce your website or company to visitors and make your company memorable. A high-quality logo attracts the attention of the audience, leaves a strong impression about your company, and helps visitors retain important information about your company. Your company is very closely associated with its logo in the minds of visitors and prospective clients.


Logo Design Packages start at $269


Web Banner Ads Overview

Effective Web banners can be the key to success of your advertising policy. Your banners from CSS may be brightly colored or use more subtle tones – but they will all share the ability to attract the attention of the audience because of their high-quality design. Our web banners effectively convey the information you want your audience to know.


Web Banner Packages start at $149

Flash Banner Packages

The Flash Banner is now a widespread form of online advertising. Smooth animation and graphics work together to catch the attention of visitors and to keep them on your site. Common Sense System's creates top-quality banners that bring your website to life. We provide banner designs in a wide range of shapes and sizes, especially those allowed in advertisements on major search engines, directories, portals, and other industry-specific Web sites. If you need an exclusive Flash banner, we can design one for you and produce it to your high standards.


Flash Banner Packages start at $229

Corporate Identity Packages

Our Corporate Identity service includes design of a logo, a business card, and business stationery, including the envelope and letterhead. We can also help you create your ideas for customer gift products or other company-related items.


Corporate Identity Packages start at $279


Advertising and Promotional Material

We can design all or any of the following advertising material to your demands:

Billboards, Direct Mailer, Flyer Ads, Magazine Ads, Newspaper Ads, etc


To order our Advertising and Promotional Material design service, Contact Us.

Briefly describe the material you need. Our Sales Manager will contact you soon.


Flash Presentations

A Flash Presentation is considered to be an effective way to introduce your company, your product, or your services and to describe your business strategies or present technically complex information. Due to its small size, you can embed Flash presentations into your websites so that they are available for a large audience and are easily downloaded by anyone.


A Flash presentation can also be sent via e-mail along with your other promotional materials. Apt visual effects, animation, and music are integrated with your narration to successfully deliver the information you want your target audience to know. The result is an impression of the quality of your company by means of the quality of the Flash presentation.


Flash Presentation packages start at $399




The following are the solutions and PHP applications developed by Common Sense System across various industries and business areas:

  • Typical web sites
  • Electronic shops and e-commerce oriented web-based systems
  • Communities, society systems, social bookmarking and blogging systems
  • Trading and stock systems, auctions
  • Payment systems and payment gateways
  • Fraud prevention components
  • Online multiplayer games
  • Adword-based and banner exchange systems
  • Statistics collection systems and components
  • Realty and rent systems,traffic analyzers
  • Cheating protection components and auditing components
  • Affiliate tracking systems and affiliate advertising-based systems and components
  • Newsletter and subscription-based systems and components
  • PPC (pay-per-click) and PPV (pay-per-view) systems